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Livestock farming technique

Gebr. Ezendam BV with all its employees has a great deal of knowledge in the field of animal husbandry technology, including milking installations, milking robots, barn equipment, ventilation systems, feed passage crossing, manure separation and more.

We from Gebr. Ezendam BV offer you the total solution in the field of livestock farming with our GEA Farm Technologies.

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Agricultural mechanization

Leading in the industry we supply, repair and maintain a large range of tractors and implements from various brands in modern agricultural mechanization.

With +30 years of experience, our 24/7 service, short lines & clear communication, we distinguish ourselves.

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Nursery technology

Since 1999, we, Gebr. Ezendam BV is active in the development and production of Nursery machines. Since then, Gebr. Ezendam BV gained international fame with its own Globus brand.

These Globus machines are custom solutions for companies in the nursery industry. Think of clod-stitch machines, form pruning machines or planting hole drills.

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